Web Services


Web Site Design and Construction

We specialize in small business and non-profit organization web site designs using industry standard tools. The robust feature set of our tools, including multiple standard and custom themes (such as the theme used on this web site) allow for rapid development of web sites with a professional "look and feel" that presents the type of image that you want to project for your organization. Design fees are always determined by the scope of the project and are agreed to in advance. We prefer to work on a "fixed fee" basis rather than a "hourly" basis This way you know what your costs will be before we begin the work. We have done web site designs, for very simple sites, for as little as $250. Web site promotion and search engine registrations are always included in design quotations. If people can't find your web site, what good is it? In many cases, for very simple sites, we can have your site published to the web within 24 hours after a design plan is completed and approved. Just because we specialize in small business sites don't jump to the conclusion that our capabilities end there. We have the capability to design and build very large complex sites with very sophisticated features including database access and electronic commerce.

Web Site Hosting

We have very robust hosting services available, including multiple circuit connectivity to the largest Internet backbones in the USA. Only the best server technology is used and servers are never overloaded with more accounts than they can handle while delivering peak performance. In addition, emails services are provided for all domains hosted by STS, using a "hardened" mail server with the best anti-spam and anti-virus filtering/scanning technology available.

Web Site Support and Webmaster Services

Web site support encompasses two key areas, technical support of the server, network and related technology and support of the content of the web site. Technical support is obviously provided for the servers and the network. But, who will support the content on your site? When content needs to be changed, who will make the changes for you? Do you have a Webmaster on your staff to maintain and support your web site? Do you want to use a content management system (we can provide that too!). If not, we can serve as your Webmaster, for a pre-determined reasonable monthly fee. The fee is based on the number of projected hours per month of support that will be required and is determined by the size and scope of your site, the nature of the content and your business objectives. Using STS as your Webmaster allows your organization to accomplish your objectives for your web site, within a predictable budget.

We can help you find the right solution for your web presence. Just give us a call at 205-942-0350 or Contact Us.