About Us


Sensible Technology Services, LLC (STS) was founded in 2009 by Bob Simmons and Alan James, after many years of working together with common clients, Bob focused in the computing/networking/web services area and Alan focused in the telephony area. It seemed a natural evolution of a working relationship that had confirmed many common business philosophies and principles and exposed the value and synergy of joining forces to offer a more complete set of services for our clients. After several years Alan moved on to another opportunity. But the services provided across all areas remain the same.

STS has a simple mission: To provide high quality, sensible technology services for small/medium businesses, non-profits, and other private and public sector entities, as well as individuals. The word sensible, in our context, means "having, containing, or indicative of good sense or reason". Too many times technology decisions are constrained by the client's understanding of possibly applicable technology options. Many times opportunities for positive impact are missed. Many times technology is deployed just for the sake of having the "latest and greatest", even if it really has little positive, or perhaps even negative impact. We hope to use our many years of experience to help our clients reach "wise" technology decisions and provide services to support a "sensible" technology approach that helps our clients meet their objectives.


Core Capabilities

  • Telephony Consulting

  • Web Design/Web Hosting

  • Voice, Data, & Video Cabling

  • Voice, Data & Video Networking

  • Systems Administration

  • Telephone Systems (Traditional & VoIP)

  • PC Problem Resolution

  • Computer/Network Security

  • PC Repair/Upgrades

  • Unified Threat Management

  • Video Security Systems

  • System Remediation (Virus Removal, etc.)

  • Network Administration/Monitoring

  • Information Technology/Telephony Managed Services and Staffing Assistance

  • Mergers & Acquisitions - Information Technology Due Diligence/Consulting